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Prisma E SEM

Thermo Scientific Introduces Prisma E SEM for Materials Science, the most complete SEM for multi-user laboratories requiring all-round performance and ease-of-use.

Learn how to engage in cryo-EM SPA

The resolution revolution and tremendous growth in groundbreaking scientific results have recognized cryo-electron microscopy single particle analysis (cryo-EM SPA) as a main stream structure biology technique for the investigation of: ​ Dynamic biological processes​, Structures, such as membrane proteins that are difficult to resolve with other techniques, and Structures of protein complexes, aggregates and large virus assemblies​. ​Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a full workflow solution and gives advice to set up your cryo-EM laboratory.

2017 诺贝尔化学奖

Jacques Dubochet、Joachim Frank 和 Richard Henderson 因各自在冷冻电镜发展方面的贡献获得 2017 年诺贝尔化学奖。

Quattro ESEM

Thermo Scientific 面向材料科学领域推出了 Quattro SEM,这是一款具有独特环境功能的超通用高分辨率 SEM。

Aquilos 冷冻 FIB

第一款专用冷冻 DualBeam 系统现已面世,旨在为冷冻电子立体成像制备冷冻片层。

Talos F200i TEM

Thermo Scientific 推出了 Talos F200i TEM,旨在为各种材料科学应用领域带来高性能和效率。

Krios G3i 冷冻 TEM

全新 Thermo Scientific™ Krios™ G3i 冷冻 TEM 可在分子层面揭秘生命,而且更快速、更轻松、更可靠。

Glacios 冷冻 TEM

Thermo Scientific™ Glacios™ 冷冻透射电子显微镜(冷冻 TEM)可以使单颗粒筛选和数据采集变得轻松。

Thermo Fisher Scientific 的领先半导体组合中新增三款产品


探究 MyScope Outreach

FEI 与澳大利亚显微技术与微量分析研究机构 (AMMRF) 合作开发了 MyScope™ Outreach,这是一个使学生能够一瞥其四周微观世界的免费在线平台。


来自伦敦大学学院 (UCL) 的 Xuekun Lu 博士展示了多长度图像的概念,并模拟了新结构管状 SOFC 阳极以获得高效的质量输送。

Amira 细胞生物学应用已于三月推出