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Falcon 3EC Direct Electron Detector

Next-generation Falcon with Electron Counting

Life scientists with an interest in structural biology and cryo-tomography will more quickly and easily solve biological problems with the Falcon 3EC direct electron detector. The Falcon 3EC fully integrates into a fast, automated workflow on the Thermo Scientific™ Titan Krios and Talos Arctica. Not only has the detector sensitivity been improved, but so has the handling of data produced by the detector. Now, when using an Thermo Fisher Scientific workflow that features the Falcon 3EC, you will be able to achieve high throughput and faster time to data without compromising performance. And it is easy to use, especially for non-microscopists.

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Key Benefits:

Better technology for better data

The Falcon 3EC features electron counting capabilities that enable the highest sensitivity (DQE). Electron counting can significantly counteract the effects of electron beam-induced motion, which can degrade resolution considerably. The Falcon 3EC also boasts improvements to its data handling capabilities. Its next-generation imaging pipeline allows for high data transfer rates and on-the-fly drift correction. Ultimately, these innovations result in sub-4Å resolution images.

Based on Falcon II feedback, the Falcon 3EC features additional improvements, such as a non-invasive dose protector, ability to image in LM (low-magnification) mode, and lightning-fast imaging.

Hassle-free next-generation operation

The Falcon 3EC detector is fully integrated, making it considerably easier to use. The large, 14μm pixels ensure the highest signal and lowest noise. In addition, the Falcon 3EC's next-generation imaging pipeline and data storage solution are specially optimized for multiple frame recording.

Application results: 20S proteasome

Resolution: 3.65 Å
(by Relion using 2 halves gold standard)

Juergen Plitzko, MPI Martinsried, 2015



Used images: 419

Raw particles: 23487

3D sorted particles: 7801

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