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Ceta 16M

All-in-one camera functionality for the highest performance and throughput

The Ceta 16M camera is the first camera to deliver high speed readout for simultaneous dynamic imaging and large field of view. This unique combination follows the natural workflow in TEM imaging: from fast navigation to find the area of interest-to easy optimization of the image quality via optical adjustments-to the final result: a 4k × 4k image unrivaled in quality and detail.

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Key Benefits:

  • Consistently clear images, from mesoscopic to atomic scale: Largest field of view combined with high speed readout delivers clear images quickly, even when moving from mesoscopic to atomic scales.
  • Optimum performance at any high tension (20 - 300kV): High sensitivity, robust fiber optic-coupled scintillator combines with large 14mu pixel size to deliver the best quality images regardless of high tension selection.
  • Movie acquisition for dynamic studies: 16-bit dynamic range movie recording enables high quality 4k × 4k movies at 1 fps or 512 × 512 movies at 25fps.
  • Optimized settings for any material or application: Select low dose imaging for beam sensitive materials, or high dose for diffraction applications, with more than 16 bit dynamic range using fast frame-adding.

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