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WetSTEM Detector

When cooled between 0 and 10 °C, specimens of very diverse nature (e.g. emulsions) can be imaged and analyzed at relative humidity conditions up to 100% (typical chamber pressures required are in the range 3-10 mbar).

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Key Benefits:

  • SE + BSE
  • Simultaneous BF and DF mode
  • No prep., native sate
  • High contrast due to the relatively low kV of the transmitted beam (30 kV) compared to TEM
  • High resolution taking advantage of the small probe sizes of a 30 kV electron beam, compared to conventional SEM
  • The lack of sample volume also means that EDS spatial resolution is very high for this characterization technique

Whereby ESEM provides a solution for surface characterization of wet/moist specimen, WET-STEM allows direct bulk observation of suspensions dispersed on a grid. Provided the suspension can be dispersed in a film thin enough for transmission of a 30 kV electron beam, the bulk properties can be observed with a transmitted scanning beam (STEM). This method proofs valuable for "Particle in Wet" applications, allowing for the characterization of the size, shape and arrangements of nano-particles in their natural suspended state, without any sample preparation required.

With the WetSTEM system, humidity cycling experiments can be performed to characterize the sample's morphology (SE) and phase distribution (BSE) at various relative humidity conditions. The integrated solid-state STEM detector allows detection of electrons transmitted through the specimen. The regular kV range is from 30 kV down to around 5 kV for FEG systems, which is dependent on the sample thickness. Samples can be viewed simultaneous in both Bright field (BF) and Dark field (DF) mode.

The WetSTEM system can be used for imaging of samples, using a 3 mm TEM grid as support.


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