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Single-Tilt Tomography Holder

The Single-Tilt Tomography Holder is particularly suited for tomography experiments at room temperature. It is designed to accept the reproducibly insertable specimen grids as well as standard 3 mm specimen grids.

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Key Benefits:


  • High tilt angles
  • Works with Cryoshields/box
  • 7.5 times higher visible area than regular tomography holder
  • Ideal for room temperature electron tomography
  • Easy, accurate specimen loading and centering
  • Ideal holder for combination with Thermo Scientific™ Xplore3D (Xpress) complete tomography solution


  • The field of view at zero tilt is a 2 mm diameter circle.
  • The specimen area that is visible over the full 140° tilt interval (i.e. approximately from -70° to +70° in TWIN pole pieces, with or without cryo shields/box) is larger than 200 µm perpendicular to the tilt axis.
  • Drift and resolution are identical to standard microscope specifications, and thus depend on the microscope type.


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