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Peltier Stage

With the Peltier stage, humidity cycling experiments can be performed to characterize the sample's morphology and phase distribution at various relative humidity conditions.

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Key Benefits:


  • U/I controlled
  • humidity conditions up to 100%
  • produce moisture on the sample
  • Keep the sample wet


When cooled between 0 and 10 °C, specimens of very diverse nature can be imaged and analyzed at relative humidity conditions up to 100% (typical chamber pressures required are in the range 3-10 mbar).

In-situ freeze-drying can be performed when the temperature range of the Peltier stage is set below 0 °C with a minimum of -20 °C. The temperature and the ramp-up profile are directly controlled through the Quanta user interface.

The Peltier Cooled Specimen Stage is used to maintain water on samples inside the ESEM specimen chamber. It uses a thermoelectric module to alter temperature, and this in conjunction with specimen chamber pressure creates condensation on the sample.


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