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Large Field-of-View GSED

The large field-of-view Gaseous Secondary Electron Detector (GSED) has a bore of 1 mm (1000um) (PLA), which is larger than that of the standard GSED.

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Key Benefits:


  • Measures direct secondary electron current
  • Higher S/N ratio
  • Operates in LV mode
  • GSED with 1000um hole for examining a larger field of view with cold stage samples
  • Allows imaging samples at environmentally controlled conditions on the peltier controlled stage


As a result of the larger bore of 1mm, the maximum field of view in Low-vacuum mode is increased to around 1 mm, so that the minimum available magnification is reduced with a factor two to 125x, as compared to the standard GSED detector. The maximum specimen chamber pressure with wide-angle detector option installed is 7.5 mbar (5.6 Torr, 750 Pa). The large field-of-view GSED and the standard GSED can easily be interchanged.


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