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Insulator Enhanced Etch

Gas chemistry solution (XeF2) for enhanced etching of insulator materials, mounted on any of the available GIS ports.

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Key Benefits:

  • Complete solution
  • Fast removal of silicon-oxide i.e. speed up of process
  • Removing passivation from a circuit area containing several metal layers
  • selectively remove insulating materials while inhibiting the removal of conducting materials
  • Gas flow control based on accurate temperature setting
  • Homogeneous temperature for full gas path
  • Local gas density fluctuations at sample < 6 % over a width of 100 um
  • Double container safety control
  • 100 % free of any cross-contamination
  • Instantaneous gas delivery
  • No gaseous precursors


The package includes the gas precursor, deposition enhancement gas, injection needle, gas injector system and controller. NOT User refillable due to its hazardous content.

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