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High Field-of-View Single-Tilt Tomography Holder

This holder is specifically designed to provide high tilt capabilities in narrow gap objective lens pole pieces at room temperature. In systems equipped with a TWIN, X-TWIN or S-TWIN objective lens, this holder can tilt up to 80° when it is centered between the pole pieces.

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Key Benefits:

  • 7.5 times higher visible area than regular tomography holder
  • Ideal for room temperature electron tomography
  • High tilt angles
  • Optimized specimen clamping
  • Extended field of view
  • Easy, accurate specimen loading and centering


Tomography can be performed routinely in a range of -70° to +70° with an attainable range of ±75° for TWIN and S-TWIN. By minimizing the shadowing associated with most holders at high tilt angles in tomography experiments, the holder's low profile and unique specimen clamping mechanism extend the visible area to 7.5 times of what is achievable with Thermo Fisher Scientific regular ±70° single-tilt tomography holder.

Within the range of -70° to +70°, the specimen area that is visible is an approximately 2 mm along the tilt axis and 1.5 mm perpendicular to the tilt axis. The clamping mechanism is a set of two spring-loaded clamps that are tightened and released by Philips head screws.


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