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EasyLift NanoManipulator System

EasyLift™ allows low-drift, high-precision movements to easily create traditional TEM lamella or ultra-thin lamella using the backside thinning technique. All EasyLift models are integrated with the microscope's xT software to provide a simple, intuitive method for lift-out and transfer of TEM samples to a grid, all within the DualBeam chamber. Compatible with the Helios 600i and 650.

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Key Benefits:

  • Enables precise, site-specific preparation of ultra-thin TEM lamellae
  • Promotes operator confidence for in situ TEM sample lift-outs — critical for one-of-a-kind samples
  • Pairs with iFAST software for consistent, repeatable preparation and lift-out of ultra-thin TEM samples
  • Allows simple "point and click" movement due to EasyLift's integration with DualBeam software
  • Supported by our expert applications knowledge in TEM lamella prep solutions

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