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The CryoMAT is a materials-dedicated, cryogenic upgrade to Quick Loader (loadlock system for SEM and DualBeam) and meets the demand for easier and more practical operation than a generic full cryo transfer system.

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Key Benefits:

The investigation of many non-traditional, non-wet materials (hard/soft mixes, composites or beam and vacuum sensitive materials) in the microscope chamber requires new solutions for easy handling and transfer. The CryoMAT upgrade is designed to assist investigation of this material class by providing a mechanism for non-hydrated sample transfer, cryogenic cooling and temperature control within the SEM or Small Dual Beam.

The cryogenic upgrade to Quick Loader comprises the following components:

  • Cryo stage adaptor (interchangeable with ambient stage adapter)
  • Cold trap (for protecting the sample from condensation)
  • Interface port, gas and electrical feed-through
  • Twelve-liter Dewar with trolley containing gas flow controls
  • N2 water trap and heat exchanger
  • Temperature control system extension module.
  • Peripherals
  • Two (2) sledges and a test sample
  • Cryo stubs

Note: CryoMAT requires the presence of Quick Loader.

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