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CryoCleaner Extended Capacity

The CryoCleaner decontamination device for the SEM/SDB helps to reduce contamination found in the specimen chamber created by sample out-gassing and other sources common to SEM/SDB.

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Key Benefits:


  •  A simple, economical, reusable method
  •  The SEM/SDB can be used while the CryoCleaner is working (in High-Vacuum mode)
  •  Ideal for high beam current applications, EDS, WDS, EBSP
  •  Ideal for highly out-gassing samples
  •  Reduces water vapor build-up by cryo pumping
  •  The CryoCleaner can be a permanent fixture to the specimen chamber
  •  Clean environment for samples to be observed and analyzed
  • The CryoCleaner has a large capacity liquid nitrogen reservoir which allows operation overnight for extended operation

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