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CompuStage Single-Tilt Holder

TEM specimen holder for quick specimen review.

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Key Benefits:


  •  Fully controlled by CompuStage controller
  •  Easy holder for quick specimen review
  •  High accuracy
  •  Optimized specimen clamping
  •  Easy, accurate specimen loading and centering


  • This holder is designed for general use. The tilt angle depends on the lens
  • Specimen movement is fully controlled by the CompuStage controller making the system fully safe and allowing maximum tilt for each XYZ position
  • It incorporates a Safe ENTRY key for use with the sENTRY system to prevent its insertion into the wrong lens
  • It is incompatible with the U-TWlN lens
  • It is designed to accept the reproducibly insertable specimen grids as well as standard 3 mm specimen grids


  • High resolution (low drift) work
  • General investigations of life - and material science specimens
  • Examination (rapid assessment) of a series of specimens with high throughput efficiency prior to more detailed examination
  • Visual quality control of removable platinum and thin-foil microscope apertures
  • Stereo observation of sections


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