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Centaurus Detector with Back-scatter Tip

The Centaurus detector is a retractable, scintillator-type, back-scattered electron detector.

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Key Benefits:


  •  Works at very high scan rates
  •  Atomic number discrimination allows for a resolution better than 0.1 Z when Z = 30.
  •  Measures Back scattered electrons
  •  works in All vacuum modes (off axis only in ESEM mode)
  •  photomultiplier based BS detectors, which can be used at very fast scan rates, as a conventional SE detector
  •  Bulky design, significantly restricts tilt but the gas path lengths are longer, compared to SSBED
  •  Can be converted to do cathode-luminescence
  •  Efficient at low kVs (gives differing images for different atomic weight samples)


Unlike the solid-state backscattered detectors, the Centaurus detector can be used at very high scan rates, where it behaves like the conventional SE detector. Due to its bulky nature, however, there is a tilt restriction depending on sample size and stage type, and beam gas path lengths typically are longer compared to the solid-state BSE or Gaseous Analytical solid-state BSED. The Centaurus detector with BSE tip can be converted into a cathodo-luminescence detector by fitting the optional CL tip.

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