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Company History

FEI is the world leader in electron optics and focused ion beam technologies. Our market-leading solutions deliver precision imaging for three-dimensional characterization, analysis and modification of materials and structures with resolution down to the sub-Ångström level. But we're far more than the proven technology innovator.

Since our founding in 1971, FEI has persistently advanced its core technologies. The result is a unique, unsurpassed technology base that provides users withgroundbreaking results. Through a partnership with the former Philips Electron Optics division - a part of FEI since 1997 - we pioneered the world's first DualBeam™ system , incorporating both a scanning electron column and a focused ion beam. Introduced nearly ten years before any competing system, the DualBeam was a development that changed forever how researchers would work. We are still the only company with both ion beam and electron beam solutions in-house, allowing us to develop more functionally-integrated solutions for our customers. Our heritage also includes industry-leading innovations in transmission electron microscopes (TEMs).

Following the acquisition of Philips Electron Optics, FEI pioneered the Tecnai™ TEM . As the world's first fully integrated TEM, it provided new levels of productivity and ease-of-use. The Titan™, released in 2006, demonstrates how FEI continuously raises the technology performance bar. With its sub-Ångström resolution, the Titan™ is the most powerful system of its type on the commercial market, and has resulted in a family of instruments, including the Titan ETEM and the Titan Krios™, both capable of  delivering groundbreaking results in research and life sciences. 

The timeline below demonstrates some of the major milestones within FEI Company history:

First production Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) system released.
Solid-State 5 Ångström TEM delivered.
High-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) introduced.
Computerized CM TEM Series introduced.
World's first Environmental SEM introduced.
All-in-One Integrated Tecnai TEM.
FEI Began Trading on NASDAQ.
World's first DualBeam dedicated to automated defect analysis and metrology.
First small-stage DualBeam™ launched.
FEI TEM breaks the 1 Ångström barrier.
FEI's all-new Titan™ S/TEM introduced with sub-Ångström resolution.
First Department of Energy TEAM (Transmission Electron Aberration-Corrected Microscope) project instruments shipped for 0.5 Ångström resolution.
FEI releases the first extreme high-resolution scanning electron microscope capable of sub-nanometer resolution at very low beam energies.
FEI acquires Intellection and JKTech MLA.
FEI acquires Till Photonics and Aspex Corporation.