Tecnai Femto UEM for Materials Science

Dedicated solution for 4D dynamic electron microscopy at the atomic scale

To achieve full characterization of materials, including data relating to lifetime and morphology, requires the addition of the fourth dimension: time. Tecnai™ Femto ultrafast electron microscope (UEM) allows investigation of material structure and composition through observations of the material property changes influenced by applied stimulus. Tecnai Femto uses a pulse of electrons instead of a continuous electron beam. These pulses are generated by the external laser, with the laser pulse split into two beams. A time delay is introduced in order to determine the time reference event, allowing scientists to explore processes that occur at the atomic and molecular spatial scale over time spans measured in femtoseconds (10-15 seconds). For example: the absorption of light energy and its transformation into heat or mechanical changes (photoactuation); and the crystallization or recrystallization of materials, including large biological molecules, for structural analysis.

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Courtesy of David J. Flannigan, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota

Ultrafast electron microscopy is the recent technology advancement that extends the range of analytical results attainable with transmission electron microscopy (TEM). With the Tecnai Femto, researchers are able to study the kinetics of morphology and phase changes in materials by enabling direct observation of thermo-mechanical properties, phase transitions, dynamics of chemical bonding, and surface dynamics.

Product Key Features:

  • Ultra-fast TEM imaging and spectroscopy with fs time resolution
  • Multi-mode operation: stroboscopic, single pulse and continuous modes
  • Easy to customize and optimize performance for a desired experiment

Product Applications:

  • Study time dependent thermo-mechanical properties
  • Observe fast phase transitions in materials
  • Resolve in time dynamics of chemical bonding
  • Visualize electric charge dynamics in solids

Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Article

  Download the article "4D ultrafast electron microscopy sheds light on dynamic processes from the micrometer to the atomic scale", written by David Flannigan, University of Minnesota and Oleg Lourie, FEI Company. (Article courtesy of Microscopy & Analysis magazine, Nanotechnology supplement November 2013)