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Avizo is a configurable solution. Select the extensions that provide the best framework for your 3D data visualization and analysis needs.

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Avizo extensions for simulation of material physical properties

XLab extensions provide numerical simulation capabilities to calculate absolute permeability, thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, and molecular diffusivity from a scanned sample (CT, FIB-SEM, MRI, etc.).

Using the 3D-image data, XLab extensions can efficiently run accurate and fast simulations which complement or replace challenging physical experiments, providing a virtual lab for assessing materials physical properties.

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Avizo extension for fibers tracking and editing

This extension provides specific support for analyzing fibers, filaments, tunnels, and other networks or tree-like structures. The XFiber extension provides automatic, semi-automatic, and interactive tools to assist segmentation and analysis process.


Avizo extension for advanced CFD/FEA tools & data import/export

This extension is dedicated to advanced post-processing of simulation data, ranging from flow to thermal, and stress data.

XWind brings an extensive array of advanced visualization and analysis tools to CFD and multiphysics, mechanical and thermal engineering, manufacturing simulation and microstructural prediction, non linear structural and geotechnical problems.


Avizo extension for custom modules development

Create new custom components for Avizo, such as file readers and writers, computation modules, and even new visualization modules, using the C++ programming language.


Avizo extension for Large Data Management

Manage and visualize very large amounts of volume data of up to several terabytes. Go far beyond the limit of the available system memory. The multiresolution technique used in XLVolume enables interactive visualization and navigation through large data sets.


Avizo extension for advanced visualization systems and VR

Use Avizo's advanced data visualization and analysis features on immersive VR systems or tiled screens configurations. It has built-in support for efficient multi-threaded rendering on multi pipe systems or distributed rendering on a cluster system, using application level distribution. This approach offers optimal performance with minimal bandwidth requirements. Tracking capabilities enable a real immersive experience and interaction with the visualization.


Avizo extension for molecular visualization

This extension combines Avizo's strong capabilities for 3D data visualization, such as hardware-accelerated volume rendering, with specific tools for molecular visualization and analysis, such as molecular surfaces, sequence alignment, configuration density computation and molecule trajectory animation. Due to Avizo's innovative user interface, using the features of this extension is easy. The XMolecular extension comes with self-running demos and step-by-step tutorials for the most common molecular visualization tasks.


Avizo extension for geosciences data analysis

This extension includes dedicated visualization and computation modules and workflows, as well as a SEG-Y reader, for the exploration and analysis of geosciences data.


Avizo extension for climatology data analysis

This extension includes dedicated visualization and computation modules, a set of geographical projections, and a NetCDF reader, for the analysis of climate, oceanography, environmental, and earth-mapped data.


Avizo extension for collaborative research projects

Multiple users can fully collaborate simultaneously on a shared project by synchronizing and sharing their respective local sessions. Available from desktop to VR/Cluster configurations, this high-level collaboration component addresses advanced needs in collaborative research projects.