RAPID Overview and Benefits

RAPID (Remote Access Program for Interactive Diagnostics) is a service program to boost up-time and reduce time to repair
by providing support through a secure desktop sharing session. RAPID connects microscope users directly to FEI's service
engineers, application specialists and factory experts, enabling them to:

  • Solve problems remotely, often without requiring a service visit
  • Remotely diagnose and correct system issues and order parts prior to an on-site service visit
  • Engage factory experts for instant 2nd and 3rd line support to your local field service engineer
  • Enhance operator effectiveness through real-time observation
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How it Works

RAPID employs an encrypted VPN used to communicate to the FEI Secure Portal, where you and FEI support meet virtually to resolve system issues. To initiate a RAPID session, you simply contact FEI support and open the connection from your system. A Remote Service Specialist will then meet you virtually. As the system owner, you initiate and control all RAPID sessions. With RAPID, you can:

  • Show FEI support your system issues in real-time to enhance diagnosis and speed resolution
  • Obtain receive help from FEI experts from any place globally
  • Use the "my engineers" feature for fast and convenient connecting to FEI support
  • View all RAPID activity though the "event log"
  • Manage downloads with the "my downloads" feature
RAPID employs multiple layers in its security infrastructure to proactively address IT security concerns. To explore the RAPID Network Configuration, Security Infrastructure and IT Implementation, please consult the  RAPID datasheet. It is highly recommended that you provide this document to your IT department when registering for the RAPID program. Your IT department may also forward any network configuration or additional questions to  rapidsupport@fei.com.

System Eligibility

The RAPID program is available in most countries on nearly all of FEI's current and newly released systems. A support PC can be applied in case IT policies set requirements for operating systems or preventive measures like virus scanners or firewalls. Legacy systems may not support RAPID, please see the RAPID exclusion list for details.

Activation Requirements

To enable remote support, customers must provide:

  • A high speed internet connection (>5Mb is recommended)
  • A signed RAPID Amendment to their existing system sales or service agreement. In most countries, customers can complete an  online registration to begin using RAPID.

Learn more

  RAPID Datasheet, Practical information for users and IT specialists

  RAPID Exclusion List

  UltraVNC is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2. A copy of the source code can be obtained from one of the FEI service centers.

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