The FEI Tecnai™  transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) are designed to offer a truly universal imaging and analysis solution for life sciences, materials sciences, nanotechnology, and the semiconductor and data storage industries.

With nearly twenty models to choose from, the Tecnai G2 Series combines modern technology with the stringent demands of an innovative scientific community.

Tecnai for Materials Science

The Tecnai G2 transmission electron microscope unifies fast, efficient and easy operation with proven reliability to serve many applications needs - from basic, rapid sample screening to unique, sophisticated experiments requiring superior analytical capabilities. Providing excellent imaging performance, the Tecnai G2 enables high resolution imaging and diffraction data in uncorrected S/TEM. With its high tilt range, automation and dynamic focus adjustment, characterizing it as a TEM with outstanding analytical versatility, Tecnai G2 supports a wide range of techniques including high resolution scanning S/TEM, diffraction, chemical analysis and 3D tomography. The unique field emission gun registry and customizable settings for critical instrument parameters ensure quick results and efficient use management. This accelerates productivity in your multi-user facility, without sacrificing the quality imaging you demand from your daily work.

Tecnai G2 Benefits include:

  • No compromise on versatility - multiple techniques work together on one platform, each executed at an optimized performance level.
  • Familiar Ease-of-Use - allowing anyone to operate an intuitive TEM platform that delivers imaging and analytical results in the shortest amount of time.
  • Enabling new materials insight - taking your research from 2D imaging and analysis to advanced applications like 3D reconstructions for a wide range of studies including specimen structure, diffraction of crystal structure in solids or in situ for visualizing sample morphology. 


Product Models

Tecnai for Life Sciences

Fundamental research within the scope of cell biology, structural biology, soft matter and (bio)-nanotechnology requires investigations down to the atomic level. TEMs are of paramount importance to obtain high magnification and high resolution 2D and 3D information of cells and organelles or even smaller cell constituents. A prerequisite for optimal 2D and 3D-tomographic imaging is a high level of tool automation and intelligence.

Tecnai™ with iCorr™

FEI's fast, accurate and automated solution for correlative light and electron microscopy, Tecnai with iCorr is the first integrated light and electron microscope. Combining a fluorescence light microscope and a TEM into a single, harmonized instrument, FEI's newest technology affords users a streamlined approach to correlative microscopy.

Product Models