The following is an open letter to our valued light microscopy customers:

Date: January 20, 2014

Dear valued customer,

Since its acquisition in 2011 TILL Photonics, now FEI Munich GmbH has become an integral part of FEI Life Sciences. TILL Photonics' 20 years of experience in developing light microscopy systems has resulted in a unique technology portfolio which was recently successfully applied to standard setting correlative light- and electron microscopy (CLEM) solutions, - solutions which are greatly received by our customers. We will further build on this success and increase efficiency and speed in developing and deploying new correlative solutions to the market. This requires focusing our efforts.

Therefore, from January 31st, 2014 onwards, all our light microscopy technologies and techniques will be based on the CorrSight platform in order to offer an even broader range of innovative cutting-edge correlative solutions. All technology and know-how of the light microscopy systems will continue to be used and will be further developed in our CLEM offerings. The non-CorrSight based stand-alone product lines iMIC and its options (iMIC Andromeda, TIRF, 42, and 2P), more, Intravital and the Calcium Imaging systems will be discontinued.

This strategy will not affect our ability to support and service our installed base of the above mentioned light microscopy product lines, - we will continue to support your valuable research and will make sure that the instruments you have are living up to your and our expectations.

As this decision also comes with some organizational changes, please direct any questions to in the future. For service, the existing contacts will remain unchanged (, US: Tel. +1 866 547 8455, all other territories Tel. +49 89 895 662 0).

We are honored that you have chosen to work with us in the past and we hope that we can continue this relationship - and we would be delighted to tell you more about our new products in the future.

Best Regards,


Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer
Managing Director FEI Munich GmbH
Vice President and Managing Director FEI Life Sciences

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