Specimen heating & biasing holder for in situ S/TEM imaging and elemental analysis at elevated temperatures.

FEI's new heating solution will expand the capability of your FEI microscope. NanoEx-i/v is the ideal solution for precise experiments in a wide range of applications that require in situ heating of nanomaterial, such as studies of nanoscale annealing behavior, of phase transformations in metals, of structural changes and sintering phenomena in catalyst nanosystems, of quenching, of segregation/diffusion phenomena, and more.

FEI now provides an in situ heating solution specifically designed for the FEI  microscope platform- making research faster, easier, and reproducible since components are guaranteed to work seamlessly together. 

NanoEx-i/v is optimized for use on FEI's Talos, Titan Themis 200/300 and Titan Themis3 300. It is also available for retrofit on earlier FEI TEM platforms.

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NanoEx-i/v for Materials Science

Do you require atomic resolution in situ experiments?

When using classical furnace-based S/TEM heating holder, researchers who are working with samples at elevated temperatures can experience increased drift and reduced resolution during their in situ experiments.

FEI's NanoEx-i/v TEM single-tilt holder is a MEMS-based solution that significantly improves stability for heating and biasing applications to enable S/TEM experiments with atomic resolution.

Achieve the most accurate monitoring your experiment parameters

Designed to accept a variety of samples, from nanoparticles to FIB-prepared lamellas, NanoEx-i/v offers precise built-in heating control and uniform temperature distribution over the heated area.

Conduct simultaneous heating, biasing and/or EDS experiments

NanoEx-i/v allows you to combine your heating experiments with electrical measurements to deliver a greater range of data from your materials samples. Optimization with FEI's ChemiSTEM™ Technology enables analysis of compositional changes correlated with temperature and electrical stimuli. 

Application Example

B-Ni composite nanowires which were rapidly heated with the NanoEx-i/v holder. Dynamic compositional analysis for chemical characterization was conducted in parallel to STEM imaging with FEI's Talos TEM. The examples of the EDS maps acquired at 500° C show gradual changes of the composition with temperature and the EDS maps collected after sample cooling to room temperature (RT) verify complete extinction of Ni from the nanowires. Download the application note and discover the detailed analysis results.

STEM image at RT
EDS map at RT
STEM image at 500°C
EDS map at 500°C
EDS map at RT after heating

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NanoEx-i/v Datasheet

Download the datasheet and learn more about NanoEx-i/v performance and technical specifications.

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