FEI Image Contest

Every year, FEI instrument owners are invited to submit their best images for a chance to showcase their skill, research and creativity. Image from the contest have been featured on numerous news outlets including NBC News, Huffington Post and many more. In 2012, FEI launched the 'Explore the Unseen' image contest in partnership with National Geographic. The partnership was born out FEI and National Geographic's joint effort on an exciting new film that will show audiences aspects of the world that are not visible to the naked eye. A portion of the film utilizes electron microscopy to allow people to see the smallest of the small, from the tiniest living organisms to the atoms and molecules that ultimately compose everything we know. The National Geographic film, "Mysteries of the Unseen World," debuts in the fall of 2013. 

 "At FEI we celebrate the achievements of our customers. They strive to resolve the world's problems through exploration and discovery. They seek to understand the mechanisms of life, make electronics that are more powerful and efficient, increase the availability of scarce natural resources, and sustain our environment through the development of novel materials and processes. During our annual image contest, we give our customers the opportunity to show that their work is not only scientifically relevant but also creative, artistic, and beautiful. The images that follow are just a sampling of our customers' efforts. We are proud to say that these images were captured using FEI instruments."

Don R. Kania President and Chief Executive Officer

2014 FEI Image Contest

We are now accepting images for the 2014 FEI Image Contest. We are excited to once again partner with National Geopgraphic on this year's contest. Share your work with FEI's and National Geographics's worldwide audiences.

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