Integrated correlative workflow

Tecnai™ with iCorr™

FEI's fast, accurate and automated solution for correlative light and electron microscopy, Tecnai with iCorr is the first integrated light and electron microscope. Combining a fluorescence light microscope and electron microscope into a single, harmonized instrument, FEI's newest technology affords users a streamlined approach to correlative microscopy. This workflow requires no sample transfer, you can capture fluorescence data and high resolution electron microscopy data then correlate that data in minutes.

Watch the demo: Visualizing Cell Biology at Utrecht University

Matthia Karreman, PhD Candidate of the Utrecht University in the Netherlands demonstrates correlative microscopy with the Tecnai with iCorr.


iCorr Datasheet

FEI’s iCorr™ technology consists of a fluorescence light microscope module and unique software that researchers use to conduct fast and accurat correlative microscopy experiments with transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

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Image acquired in Collaboration with Pascale Schellenberger, Kay Gruenewald, OPIC, University of Oxford. 

Products for Integrated correlative workflow

Tecnai iCorr for Life Sciences
Enabling a faster, more accurate approach to correlative microscopy, the iCorr module turns the FEI Tecnai electron microscope into an integrated correlative light and electron microscope.

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